Christine Paone, MS, LAC, NCC


About Christine

Hi there. My name is Christine, and I am a Licensed Associate Counselor. Congratulations on taking the first step towards developing a more authentic relationship with yourself.

I believe that all humans are inherently creative, growth oriented, and gifted-although sometimes those gifts go dormant or become overshadowed by our circumstances. My hope is to help you lean into your strengths and sufferings, so that you can build meaningful connections in both your personal and professional lives.

In my practice, I borrow techniques from art, poetry, and narrative therapies while grounding my work in cognitive behavioral principles. I find that creativity fosters deeper insight and empowers us to explore new ways of encountering life's challenges. No artistic skills are necessary, just a willingness to be vulnerable and take a few healthy risks in a compassionate and tolerant environment.

My clinical work has included inpatient substance abuse treatment, clients undergoing treatment for cancer, and counseling at the high school and college levels (including career counseling).

For self care, I love to experiment with different art materials. I also read and write fiction and enjoy nature walks.

Emphasis on Growth-fostering Relationships

We are designed for connection and it is our authentic relationships that lay the foundation for personal growth. In my work, I form empowering partnerships where we each bring valuable skills and knowledge to the relationship. Additionally, I encourage clients to nurture their relationships with themselves by practicing self-compassion and by honoring their various identities. Ultimately, you are the author of your story---I am here to help you make sense of that story and to offer suggestions for crafting the narrative that you hope to bring to life.

A Creative and Collaborative Approach

To be human is to be creative. We all possess the capacity to think differently and to experiment with new ways of being. This is central to the process of making changes in our lives. I utilize creative interventions to deepen insight, generate ideas, and provide a release for whatever emotions, thoughts or feelings that arise. I invite clients of all ages to engage their creative selves and to remember that creativity goes well beyond the arts. As a member of the Association for Creativity in Counseling and a past presenter for the National Association for Poetry Therapy, I appreciate the power of integrating writing, art, music, and play into our sessions.

Cultivating Harmony Across Life Roles

Our careers and lifestyles impact on our wellbeing. When we feel disconnected from meaningful work --- paid or otherwise--- this may manifest as anxiety, depression, and conflict in our relationships. I help clients who are struggling to find purpose and joy in their jobs and other life roles. This includes students, career changers, retirees, and anyone taking on new challenges in their family lives. Whether you are looking for new opportunities or hoping to make the best of your current circumstances, we can work together to help you live a more congruent and satisfying life. Resume, cover letter, and interview preparation assistance is also available.

Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

Howard Thurman

Areas of Focus

  • Creativity
  • Mood Disorders
  • Career and Workplace Issues
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Life Transitions
  • Women and Gender Issues

Education & Training

Monmouth University (2018)
Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling (MS)

License Number: