Teens of Divorce Group

"Teens of Divorce Group" will be hosted on Tuesdays starting 8/17 @ 7pm. It is a group for teens 13-18 going through divorce and/or separation hosted by Angelica Grimes, MS, LAC.

Facilitated by Angelica Grimes, MS, LAC

Divorce & separation can be a particularly overwhelming, upsetting, and confusing time for children. Although these times are stressful for everyone involved, children experiencing these events are likely to endure effects surrounding their social, emotional, and even physical well-being. Divorce can bring about feelings of anger, abandonment, guilt, and pressure. All of the emotions involved in this transitional time can have lasting effects on a child. Such effects include addiction, depression, anxiety, behavioral and attachment issues, academic struggles, and more. At any age, the dissolution of a family and separation of a parents' marriage can be traumatic.

Each week we will focus on processing divorce experiences and addressing different components of the transition including:

  • Participants' view of self & position in the family
  • Relationships with parents'
  • Change in environments
  • Family dynamics & communication
  • New parent relationships
  • Managing newly blended families