What is walk-and-talk therapy?

Walk-and-talk therapy is the intentional combination of mindful movement and psychotherapy. Clients have the opportunity to break out of the four walls of the therapy office and utilize a park, beach or other outdoor space to work through whatever it is that is bringing them in! Nature and the unpredictability of the outside world allows for opportunities to face obstacles, adapt to uncertainty and keep going. Physical activity can mirror the therapeutic process somatically, by literally moving through, going forward and releasing tension stored in the body. Movement prompts the release of endorphins, while the outdoors allows for intake of vitamin D, which impacts our physical and mental health. Engaging our senses while working through emotional processes and experiences creates a sense of grounding and integrated body-mind connection. Engaging in conversation side by side with attuned movement, as opposed to stagnant face to face talking may eliminate some of the pressure or hesitation of a typical therapy session.

What would a typical walk-and-talk therapy session look like?

Following a thorough intake process, the client and therapist would agree on an approved location to meet for the walk-and-talk session. Client and therapist will discuss the expectations of the treatment, topics approved to discuss on the walk, policies & confidentiality considerations. Client and therapist will walk and talk for 50 minutes. The therapist may include meditation, ecotherapy, psychotherapy or art therapy into the walk-and-talk session.

What about confidentiality?

The therapist and client will discuss the possible scenarios and limitations of confidentiality in walk and talk sessions. It is important to identify topics that you would not like to discuss on a walk and talk session with your therapist. Talk through what might happen if you or your therapist run into someone you know at the park.